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Today we are excited to announce the initial availability of Immerok Cloud, a serverless, cloud-native Apache Flink service for developers building real-time systems.

The Immerok mission

We founded Immerok in May with a mission to make it possible for everyone to benefit from real-time data. For years, companies like Amazon, Netflix, Uber, Apple, and many others have created market-winning user experiences and operational efficiencies by using Apache Flink to turn streams of data into action in real time.

But stream processing is hard to do. It’s not only conceptually different. It requires a different approach to design, deployment, lifecycle management, capacity planning and monitoring.

In order to bring stream processing to the mainstream, Immerok is tackling this complexity on all layers: from infrastructure, to runtime, to API. A powerful and fully-managed service developed by a team of Flink experts allows us to do exactly that.

100% Flink. 100% Cloud Native. 0% Operations.

Our design goals are to make it possible for anyone to leverage the full power of Flink APIs to meet a range of real-time business needs from fast data pipelines and user-facing analytics, to real-time ML/AI and transaction processing.

Our goal is also to enable Apache Flink applications to run cloud natively on Immerok Cloud - seamlessly scaling up and down, integrating with your cloud standards, and running nonstop. And best of all, it will require zero operational overhead on your part.

Immerok Cloud today - Early Access phase

It has been important to us to launch Immerok Cloud as soon as we are comfortable running your Apache Flink jobs in the cloud. Not earlier, not later, and that’s today.

The primary interface of Immerok Cloud at this stage is rok, a modern kubernetes-style CLI to modify your resources on Immerok Cloud - imperatively as well as declaratively. The Immerok Cloud web user interface is intentionally kept minimal at this stage, but you have full access to the beloved Flink UI.

Check out the Immerok Cloud documentation to learn details on getting started, APIs and CLI references, development guide and more.

So, what’s next? Above all it’s our goal to make our early customers happy and productive on Immerok Cloud. In addition, we of course have an interview-fed roadmap, which revolves around user-facing insights & observability, lifecycle management, and connectivity. We will also work on improving Immerok Cloud’s onboarding to make it an easy, self-service process.

I will share more insights into our mid-term plans in a separate blog post.

Calling Apache Flink users - become an early Immerok Cloud user.

If you are looking for a modern cloud service for Apache Flink and enjoy being part of the development process going forward, your team is a great fit for our early access program. Our product teams will work closely with every early access customer to make sure they are successful with the product and their feedback is heard. The channels include Slack as well as a weekly informal Office Hour.

Thanks to our investors & Immerok advisor, Stephan Ewen

Today we also announced a $17M seed funding round to get us going. I want to thank our partners at 468 Capital, Cusp Capital, Cortical Ventures, and Essence VC for their support. I’m also excited that my former colleague and Apache Flink co-creator, Stephan Ewen is part of the extended Immerok team.working with us as an advisor.

Come give Immerok Cloud a try, I look forward to your feedback. Here's how to get started:

October 3, 2022
Konstantin Knauf
Konstantin Knauf
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