Immerok Cloud

100% Flink.
100% Cloud-Native.
0% Operations.

Immerok is on a mission to provide developers with the best platform for building, running, and supporting Apache Flink®-based stream processing applications in the cloud without requiring costly infrastructure expertise.

  • Leverage the full power of Flink APIs to meet a range of real-time business needs, from fast data pipelines and user-facing analytics to real-time ML/AI and transaction processing.
  • Run Flink applications cloud natively, seamlessly scaling up and down, integrating with your cloud standards, and running nonstop.
  • Spend zero effort building and operating your own real-time data infrastructure.

Features & Benefits

Immerok Cloud doesn’t hide Apache Flink; it presents it in the best possible way. The primary interface of Immerok Cloud is rok, a kubernetes-style CLI to modify your resources on Immerok Cloud - imperatively as well as declaratively.

  • Build, ship, and run better Flink applications
  • Access all the power of Apache Flink APIs
  • Support any real-time use case, not just those enabled by Flink SQL
  • Run Apache Flink in the most resource-efficient way
  • Highly scalable (upwards or downwards)
  • Consistently fast
  • Create new real-time user experiences and business processes using the talent you already have

Immerok and Apache Flink

Immerok is a team of experienced Apache Flink experts, including many long-term PMC members and committers. We're proud of the fact that many of the largest businesses in the world use Apache Flink to power real-time systems on a global scale. We have a dedicated Community Team that’s always at work on resources to help people get the most out of Apache Flink and build real-time applications that rok.

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