Immerok Cloud

100% Flink.
100% Cloud-Native.
0% Operations.

Immerok is on a mission to provide developers with the best platform for building, running, and supporting Apache Flink®-based stream processing applications in the cloud without requiring costly infrastructure expertise.

  • Leverage the full power of Flink APIs to meet a range of real-time business needs, from fast data pipelines and user-facing analytics to real-time ML/AI and transaction processing.
  • Run Flink applications cloud natively, seamlessly scaling up and down, integrating with your cloud standards, and running nonstop.
  • Spend zero effort building and operating your own real-time data infrastructure.

Immerok Cloud Early Access Program
If you are familiar with Apache Flink and looking for a modern cloud service on which to run it, we invite you to be one of the first developers to use Immerok Cloud. You will work closely with our team of Apache Flink experts to make sure you're successful, and your feedback is heard.

Please submit the Early Access Request form to join the program.

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Features & Benefits

Immerok Cloud doesn’t hide Apache Flink; it presents it in the best possible way. The primary interface of Immerok Cloud is rok, a kubernetes-style CLI to modify your resources on Immerok Cloud - imperatively as well as declaratively.

  • Build, ship, and run better Flink applications
  • Access all the power of Apache Flink APIs
  • Support any real-time use case, not just those enabled by Flink SQL
  • Run Apache Flink in the most resource-efficient way
  • Highly scalable (upwards or downwards)
  • Consistently fast
  • Create new real-time user experiences and business processes using the talent you already have

Immerok and Apache Flink

Immerok is a team of experienced Apache Flink experts, including many long-term PMC members and committers. We're proud of the fact that many of the largest businesses in the world use Apache Flink to power real-time systems on a global scale. We have a dedicated Community Team that’s always at work on resources to help people get the most out of Apache Flink and build real-time applications that rok.

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