Stream Like a Boss with Immerok Cloud and Confluent Cloud


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Are you streaming data through Apache Kafka in Confluent Cloud?

Flink committer and Immerok co-founder, Timo Walther demonstrates how using Confluent Cloud with Immerok Cloud makes it easy to build cloud-native real-time systems that process Kafka streaming data with Apache Flink. Many of the largest real-time systems in the world use the Flink framework to make streaming data stateful and to analyze it with its powerful APIs and Flink SQL.

Topics include

  • Flink & Kafka primer
  • When is Flink a good fit for Kafka
  • Confluent Cloud - Apache Kafka cloud service
  • Immerok Cloud - Apache Flink cloud service
  • Demo: Integrating Confluent Cloud with Immerok Cloud
  • Q&A